Dual Control Action Puzzle Game

Inspired by The Lost Vikings, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Escape Goat, and The Legend of Zelda, Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team is a top down dual control action puzzle game. Players solve action based puzzles by coordinating two distinct characters, each with their own capabilities. Ruby the Person and Majesty the Bat, aka Treasure Team, must navigate strange environments in search of treasure and the secrets of their world. Players control both characters simultaneously and solve fiendish puzzles by pushing blocks, carrying keys, dodging arrows, fleeing enemies, and always abiding by the Treasure Team motto: PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS!

Early Access & Demo Available Now

An Early Access copy includes all future updates, a Steam key when available, and exclusive access to new builds and content as they roll out. Those who purchase the game will also get The Treasure Team Construction Kit (currently in Alpha), the very same tools used in development to design individual puzzles and interconnected adventures. This editor not only includes basic placement of elements but also advanced interaction and event sequencing capabilities. Every function you see in the game can be created with The Treasure Team Construction Kit and the current build already supports loading User Content locally.





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