Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team follows the adventures of Ruby and Majesty as they search for timeless treasure and fragments of forgotten knowledge in the most bizarre and hostile reaches of Planet Dirt. No matter what they face there is always one way forward: TEAMWORK!
Solve action based puzzles by coordinating two distinct characters, each with their own capabilities. Ruby the Human and Majesty the Bat must navigate strange environments in search of treasure and the secrets of their world. Control both characters simultaneously and solve fiendish puzzles by pushing blocks, carrying keys, dodging projectiles, fleeing creatures, and always abiding by the Treasure Team motto: PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS!

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  • Two unique characters to control simultaneously
  • Single player and Local co-op
  • Many pixels but all in the right places, dialogue crammed with puns and LORE
  • Non-linear but never open
  • Smooth 60 FPS ACTION
  • Puzzles and levels and loads of optional challenges
  • Comes with The Editor to build your own puzzles and adventures (Steam version includes Workshop)

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