Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team​ finally makes the leap into 0.7.0!

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team​ finally makes the leap into 0.7.0!

This one is a long time coming. This update includes massive changes to content, art, sound, music, etc. This new build is very close to feature complete and adds a lot of new mechanics such as mind transfer drones, tenacious fungi, and The Quantum Teamwork Beam. Ruby and Majesty now have 12 unique Fragments to explore with lots of new challenges to overcome.

I didn’t have super clear goals when I made the first Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team​​ prototype in September 2015 but I had a few rules.

No button input. Single screen challenges. Force simultaneous control. Make the characters different from each other.

​Since then I’ve released a few other small games and spent a whole lot of time refining Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team​​. I also experienced a lot of stuff. I also made a lot of changes to my life. The world turned. Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team​​ became more and more about helping others in a world that seems broken beyond repair. I hope you enjoy it.

Design Goals

Action without fighting
— Violence is not an option, therefore never a solution
— Player interaction with the world only happens through moving Ruby and Majesty
— Stuff in the world should interact as much as possible
— Ruby and Majesty​ face different problems and offer different solutions​
— Teamwork is always the answer
Exploration with minimal backtracking
— Multiple paths
— Multiple solutions
Simple but unfamiliar controls
— Feels weird for most people
— Plays fast (simultaneous) OR slow (alternating)