Ruby & Majesty: Latest Features and Upcoming Stuff!

Greetings Treasure Team Enthusiasts!


  • This update should be compatible with saves from 0.7.0 as long as the game is saved on the Fragment Selection Screen.This means you should exit the Fragment you are in before updating.
  • Old saves might show collectibles in the wrong locations in Quantum Micro Dim Sim but the counts should be accurate.
  • The way that Settings are saved has changed so you made need to adjust some stuff.
  • 30 FPS is no longer available via in-game menus. If you cannot maintain 60 FPS, 30 FPS mode can be set by adding 30fpsmode = “1” to shared.ini under Video. Contact me if you need any help with this.

Onward Treasure Team!

The latest update is a great one to try if you haven’t played the game for a few versions because it includes a number of visual refinements alongside some more narrative content. At this point the game is very close to Feature Complete but that doesn’t mean I haven’t upped the ante to bring you a more accessible and playable experience. I am continually iterating the Content so there will usually be something new to see in each update but it will likely focus more on Narrative and Progression in coming updates.

For players who have some experience with the game or for those that want an even more non-linear experience, Slot 3 has all of the Fragments unlocked on New Game. This is only in the Full Version.


  • Settings are now saved for each Slot.
    • Slot is now the first menu on the Title Screen.
    • Full Screen and Scaling are saved as shared settings.
  • Added new dialogue options.
    • Dialogue now defaults to NOT advance automatically but it can be toggled to do so.
    • Dialogue speed can be set for those who want faster or slower text.
    • Dialogue options are now in their own sub-menu under Settings.
  • Added optional border graphics when in Full Screen.
  • Colors have been tweaked.
    • Moving walls have a different color from other walls.
    • Walls and floors are now different hues for legibility.
  • Added Quantum Replay.
    • Players now will see a short loop after a failed attempt.
    • A convenient effect will point out which member of the team got into trouble.
  • Added a carry effect for the Purple Gem.


  • Menu drawing has been overhauled for legibility.
  • FPS has been removed as a Setting.
    • The default should now be 60FPS.
    • 30 FPS can be set by adding 30fpsmode = “1” to shared.ini under Video.
    • NOTE: 30FPS mode is mostly untested at this point but should not affect in-game timings.
  • Dialogue no longer jumps to the next line in the middle of a word.
  • Fuschia Gems now destroy projectiles when they aren’t being carried.
  • Individual sprites now have effects during shake.
  • NPC speeds have been increased to help them keep up.
  • GUI elements are now drawn at the correct resolution so all the pixels should fit into 320X320.
  • Swapped in a new music track for Quantum Zone that should feel more Quantum.
  • Menus can now have grayed out options which is going to save me some headaches later.

On The Horizon

User Content

You may notice that the User Content menus have a lot of grayed out options. The last few updates have had some broken stuff in there so I’m locking it out for now. It is still possible to build Rooms and Layouts and World Maps in the Editor but they won’t be playable outside of the Editor until a future update. The idea here is that players won’t need to mess with making a World Map if you only want to share a single Room or Layout. To clarify, a Room is a single screen, a Layout is a collection of interconnected Rooms (i.e. a level or in the parlance of the setting a Fragment), and a World Map is a collection of Layoutsthat will function exactly like the Fragment Selection Screen. Previous builds had the option to load and play user created Layouts and nothing else. This is going to take quite a bit of work so it might be a few updates out before these options start showing up again.

Narrative and Progression

There is still room in the game for more dialogue and NPC interaction so expect more of that in the future. I will also be looking at ways to communicate Progression better.

Sound Design

This is an area of the game that I feel is very good but could use some polish. I want to add some more ambient loops that fit the environments better and I’d like to add some more music for specific moments also.

Hit me up if you have any questions about anything TheWzzard or Ruby & Majesty related! <3