Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team on Kickstarter May 15, 2018

I am happy to announce that Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team will be coming to Kickstarter on May 15 and coming soon to Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

This game has come very far with only one person working on it but honestly if it gets any bigger it will be impossible for me to ensure it’s quality without some dedicated outside help. Doing design, code, business, music, sound, hydration, art, marketing, cat grooming, user experience, etc. is truly an absurd thing for one person to attempt.  I would not have gotten this far without the wonderful public domain assets from which I have collected here. I am absolutely super proud of the game’s current state but there is a more polished version in my mind’s eye that haunts my dreams. With your help we can step into that dream and play that version together.

The plan is to use these funds to pay some lovely people to help me out with Quality Assurance and additional artwork. Securing funding now will also help me add to the game after it is released. There are so many interesting and exciting possibilities I haven’t even touched yet and I would love the chance to explore them. If you want more Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team than be sure to check it out and pledge!

The Kickstarter campaign will reveal new LORE, new MECHANICS, and MUCH MUCH MORE! I’ve got some awesome rewards lined up too. Expect technobabble world building, narrative ambiguity, and simmering silliness. It begins at the end. Onward Treasure Team!