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Pop Loops 20XX

Pop Loops 20XX by TheWzzard

LIZARD brain

No grids no sequencing. Free thy lizard brain. LIZARD brain by TheWzzard

Escape From Fractal Mountain

Escape From Fractal Mountain by TheWzzard Dedicated to two guys named Gary Created to shuffle infinitely… To enjoy properly play...

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team Sound Track

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team by TheWzzard

Free Loop: Plenty

Free Loop: FOV Puke

Eldritch Trance

  A Lovecraftian Rhythm Game Summon the 11 Ancient Ones! A short rhythm game made in 48 hours featuring 11...


A relaxing platforming exploration game about cats in a ever changing endless place inspired by Borges’s The Library of Babel.  Meet cats,...

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team

  Winner of Vounteers of IndieCade’s CommunityJam15 Inspired by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Escape Goat, and The Legend...

Free Loop: Gristle Gore